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Over the years I have grown increasingly fond of coins with rotated reverses. For the most part these coins are extremely difficult to locate. I have spent the last 3 years very actively collecting and search for Seated Dimes with rotated reverses. I have been able to discover several new coins and am still searching for more.


Rotated Reverse s can occur two different ways, one is when mint employee installs the die incorrectly so the obverse and reverse do not line up properly. When this occurs and the problem is fixed there are no variations in the degree of rotation. The second is when the coin is when the die becomes loose and then moves a little bit as each new coin is struck. 1849 O is a perfect example of the result. I have located 4 different degrees of rotation on the die pairing.

 The following represent my research completed to date.

1837 Dimes are often found with a 20 + degree rotated reverse.  These can be found paired with the cracked obverse and clashed reverse.  One small date specimen comes with a strong crack on the reserve at originating at the E in UNITED going into center of the coin.  This comes with a rotation of about 30 degrees. There is a Large Date coin with a 40 degree rotation that appeared on EBay. I have noticed some variation is the degree of rotation for this date. All 1837 dimes are common.


1839 Dimes with a various degrees of rotated reverse and are common; however, there is one know example of a single 85 degree rotated reverse.  This is very rare and a second coin has not surfaced. These coins carry a significant premium.


1840 O can be found with a slight rotation of about 20 degrees.  These are somewhat scarce as are all 1840 O dimes in grades above VF. There is a noticeable repunching of the sixth star. There is no premium associated with the rotation of the dies but the obverse die is a new discovery and the coin does carry a slight premium.


1841 Dimes with a 18 degree rotated reverse exist.  I have located a single example with a rotation of 30 degrees. These are not too scarce and can be found with some effort.  All examples located so far also have a repunched date. These coins carry a slight premium.


1845 O with a 15 degree rotation have been found.  As a second example has been confirmed I suspected there are more.  Due to the minor rotation, many examples may be unnoticed. Both of the examples I have seen are also the thick date and mint mark variety.


1849 O is a year that produced numerous and rare rotated reverses.  The large O with a 52 degree CW is the rarest of the group.  It is also the only rotated reverse dime from this year with the large O. An AU coin appeared in a Stacks sale but I was unable to purchase the coin, It was properly identified but I have not seen it reappear on the market. The small 1849 O can be found with numerous different degrees of rotation.  These are fairly scarce.  All carry a premium. I have been able to locate five different specimens from various die states. One specimen is a PCGS graded MS62. 1849 O are very difficult to locate in AU or better condition. I would suspect another mint state coin with a rotated reverse would be hard to locate. Currently a PCGS AU58 coin is on the market with an asking price of $2450.


1850 O with a rotation of CW 45 degrees can be found.  These are very scarce.  There are a few that surfaced but despite much looking, other examples have not surfaced.  These carry a premium if one should surface. The finest example I have seen is a NGC grade AU55.

 1853 Arrow can be found with much looking.  Because of the massive quantity of 1853 dimes finding one can be a task.  One is a CCW rotation of 45 degrees and another with a CCW rotation of 30 degrees.  These both carry a premium.

1854 Arrows have been found with a rotation of CW 65 degrees.  This is a very hard coin to locate and I have only found 1 low grade example.  Others exist. This coin carries a good premium when found,

 1854 O has been located with a rotation CCW of 50 degrees.  It is also the rare die pair of the shattered obverse and oblique mintmark reverse.  Thus far only a single example has been located and is the one discovered by the author. A second example has been discovered with a 30 degree rotation. I have not seen any other examples other than the die pairing of the shattered obverse and oblique mintmark reverse. These coins carry a high premium as they have a scarce die marriage in addition to the rotated dies.

 1855 is a year with a major rotation can be found.  These are very hard to locate and because of the level of rotation are sought by both Seated Dime collectors and rotated reverse collectors.  It is a rotated by 135 degrees.  The “OF” is very weak on the reverse, I know of 5 examples, which is not surprising considering the extreme level of rotation.  Very rare. These coins carry a strong premium when located.

 1858 This is coin which has been recently discovered. 2 examples have been found.  The degree of rotation of CW 45 degrees. Weakness is found on the Americ[a] on both known examples. This coin is new discovered. It is unknown how rare this coin will turn out to be as sufficient time for further examples to surface has not yet passed.

 1862 S This coin is among my favorite.  The 1862 S is finally being appreciated in higher grades.  Those with rotated reverse are quite hard to locate.  The rotation is CCW 35 degrees.  It is to my knowledge the only rotated reverse seated dime from San Francisco mint. These coins are extremely rare and very desirable. The reverse die is also the same die used to strike some 1861 S Dimes and again in 1865 but neither of those years produced

1865 This is the key to the Seated Dime Series rotated reverses.  The Proofs have a mintage of 500 coins.  These are extremely rare with very few specimens surfacing. These coins are found with noticeable die rust. The rotation is a full 180 degrees.  It is a spectacular coin if you can locate one. All known specimens are Proofs. I have confirmed the existence of 3 different examples of this coin. It was originally listed as a business strike by Ahwash but since it has been accepted that all examples are in fact proofs. These coins will carry a hefty premium if offered for sale. I have only seen one offered for sale in the last few years and gladly paid the price to purchase it.

1866 This has been seen in Proof condition with a rotation of 20 degrees. A rough estimate of 1 in 20 coins has the rotated reverse. 1866 Dimes were struck from 2 pairs of dies. One was used for proofs only and the other was used only for proofs. These coins were struck from these proof only dies listed as A1 Ahwash. These are slightly less common than coins struck from the other die pair. Currently these coins carry no premium.

 1875 S This is found with a CW 50 degree rotation.  This is the below wreath variety. These are very rare. A second example with a clear, unfilled micro S is also known. These coins are found with a rotation of 20 degrees CCW. The micro S is much more difficult to locate then the small S in general but I have found since all clear micro S coins come rotated they are more common than the small S. All micro S 1875 dimes carry a premium and therefore so do the rotated examples but not due to the rotation. The small S coins clearly carry a hefty premium due to the rotation. A few higher grade examples have turned up. While in writing this article I was shown pictures of another 1875 S with what appeared to be a rotation of about 75 degrees CW. Without the coin in hand I am unable to draw further conclusions but it is likely that others exist.

 1876 This has been discovered by the author and to my knowledge is the only example to surface.  The rotation is a 85 CW rotation.  The obverse die shows a rather obvious blob on the obverse. I have search for a few years in search of another example but thus far this is the only one to turn up.

 1876 CC is a year with 2 different rotated reverse coins.  Due to the extremely large mintage of this coin, cherry picking this has been very difficult.  One comes with a 120 CW rotation.  In addition to being a rotated reverse, it is also a double die.  This is extremely rare.  The second is a CCW 45 degrees.  These are also very difficult to locate.

 Most of the Rotated reverse seemed to have occurred on the early in the series. In my opinion these coins are very underpriced based on their rarity and lack of availability. Putting together a complete collection of the coins listed would prove to be a major undertaking. In numerous cases there are less than 5 known and those coins will not be available soon. I do not doubt more will surface but in some case like the 1865 proof how likely is that there are many more if any more to be found? If you know of any others not listed I can be contacted at and would appreciate know of the existence of other coins.

 Copyright 2008 Jason Feldman

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